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   A comprehensive music setting and processing service

Computer-assisted music-engraving is our principal activity. We offer a complete service of music-setting in final page form for publishers, orchestras, composers, music schools, etc.

What we can do :-)

  • process all kinds of music for all kinds of music groups or ensembles, from a simple melody line without accompaniment through music for symphonic orchestra or grand harmonic orchestra.
  • extract parts from a composite score which we have already processed
  • transpose parts or scores, verify enharmonic modulation and tessituras
  • reconstitute a multiple score from single part scores (even if originally transcribed as distinct documents)
  • print out all scores at the standard print resolution of 600 dpi, and, on request, laser printing at higher resolution
  • generate EPSF format documents, for inclusion within other graphic documents
  • generate documents in Adobe pdf format
  • provide pages ready-to-print in Pagemaker format
  • process graphic and non-standard notations (costed according to the complexity of the work)
  • reprocess documents already created in Finale®, Encore® or SmartScore®.

 What we have decided not to do :-(

  • transcriptions from MIDI files
  • produce arrangements on the basis of recordings (cassette or CD)
  • produce MIDI files or recorded accompaniments from music files.
  • process files from computer programs other than Finale®, Encore® or SmartScore®
  • offer music-setting in ancient notation (gregroian chant, neumes, etc.)
  • produce MP3 files for netcasting

Take a look at our pricing … and then get in touch with us.