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We propose below a series of links, books or tools dealing with music-engraving. This list is not exhaustive : we just mentionned the item we have preferred.



MakeMusic is the site of the creators of Finale®. As well as updates, and the latest news, it offers links toward other sites for fonts, plug-ins, as well as publishers and associations, etc.

Finale Ressource Page of RPM Seattle is an excellent collection of resources and links for Finale®.


Finale Productivity Tips is a site developed by Jari Williamson. He offers tricks and methods not listed in the Finale® manual, of interest to beginners and to experienced users. He has a very full section on the plug-ins that are available for Finale®.

  Plug-ins for Finale®


TGTools by Tobias Giesen. Far and away the most complete and useful collection of plug-ins, including: Spacing Utilities, Lyrics Utilities, Mass Create Slurs, Automatic Tremolo, Process Extracted Parts, Secondary Beam BreakerNew features are added regularly. An absolute must for Finale® users.

Plug-ins page by Robert Paterson. Another good site, offering tools such as: Tuplet Mover, Staff Sets, and Paterson Beams. The site also offers plenty of useful advice for anyone interested in programming plug-ins.

Phil Aker offers several useful plug-ins, including: Classic Transposition, Position Notes, Positions Rests, Text Editor and Playback Utilities. The site is regularly updated.


Forza plug-ins includes Dialog Enhancer and Easy MIDI. As yet, only available for PC

  Music notation

Colorado College's Big Site of Music Notation and Engraving. A very useful site, offering a very full treatment of all the conventions of music-setting.

Music notation links, which offers links to other sites which deal with standard music notation, as well as ancient, Byzantine and medieval music notation.

Reference guide to music notation. Sets out the basic conventions of musical theory and music-setting in an agreeable and straightforward way.

  Books on music notation


Music notation in theXXth century - Kurt Stone, (W.W. Norton, New York, 1980). Offers a vast amount of information about notation from traditional through contemporary.

Standard music engraving practice, (Music Publisher's Association, 1966). More of a booklet than a book, but which offers the standard practices of music engraving for publishers.

Essential dictionary of music notation - Tom Gerou et Linda Lusk, (Alfred Publishing, Los Angeles, 1996). A handy and easy-to-use reference book presenting the conventions of music-setting.


The Norton manual of music notation - George Heussenstamm, (W.W. Norton, New York, 1987). A useful book for beginners. Designed principally for handwritten manuscripts.

Music notation (theory and technique for music notation) - Mark McGrain (Berklee Music Press, 1991) An excellent training manual for handwritten music-setting. Very useful for learning the most important conventions in presenting music notation on the page.

Music Notation - Gardner Read (2nd edition, Taplinger Publishing Co. - 1995). The reference work dealing with music notation. It covers the history and development of notation, describes all elements of notation and provides guidance for producing manuscripts, scores and parts.

  Books on instrumentation




Handbook of Instrumentation - Andrew Stiller (2nd Edition, Kallisti Music Press - 1994) The ultimate guide to musical instruments, covering woodwinds, brass, the voice, percussion, keyboards, strings, electronics, early winds & percussion and early keyboards & strings.



  Books on traditional music engraving


The art of music engraving and processing, 3rd edition - Ted Ross, (Hansen Books, Miami, 1987). The most comprehensive book available on the subject. Particularly useful for anyone who does music-setting on computer, because it deals with printed (as against handwritten) music scores.

 Music engraving and printing : historical and tecnhical treatise - William Gamble (Reprint Edition. Ayer Company Publishing, North Stratford, NH, 2000). A historical presentation of music engraving, and the methods of engraving and music-setting before computerization.

 Die Praxis des Notengraphikers - Herbert Chlapik (Doblinger, Wien) Detailed description of the process of music engraving. Profusely illustrated with music examples showing spacing, layout and alignment of symbols.

  Books on  music notation softwares


Music notation by computer - Donald Byrd (PhD thesis, Department of Computer Science, Indiana University, 1984) A fascinating book, offering a comprehensive analysis of computer-assisted music-setting. Offers numerous examples and describes how a music-setting program works.

Finale - An easy guide to music notation, 1st edition - Rudolph and Leonard. (Berklee Music Press, 2001). Designed for both beginners and experienced users of Finale®. The book offers a step-by-step training program to what can be done with Finale®. Book and CD.

Music engraving today, 1st edition - Steve Powell (Brichtmark, New York, 2002). Designed for anybody who wants to produce music scores that are clear and easy to read. Recommended for Finale® and Sibelius® users


The Finale primer - Mastering the art of music notation with Finale, 2nd edition - Bill Purse. (Miller Freeman Books, San Francisco, 2000). A very useful book for those beginning to use Finale®.

Finale Power! - Mark Johnson (1st Edition. Muska & Lipman - 2002). Fot beginners or a regular users. Contains step-by-step tutorials and a CD-ROM with supplemental third-party plug-ins, music examples and links.


Da Capo


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