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  Our pricing policy...

We know from experience that what our clients want is :

  • a high quality, professional presentation of music;
  • within a fixed delay;
  • at a reasonable price for such work.

The first two relate to professional competence and organisation; the third is a question of being mutually honest. In fact, fixing the price is a delicate task, because in music-engraving it depends on a whole host of factors, principally the complexity of the music and the length of the piece. There is no easy mathematical table, no real standard: no two pieces are identical and we need to see the manuscript to be able to quote accurately.

In our early days we (in common with most other music-engravers) quoted a price per page. However, principally because this left many of our customers somewhat unsatisfied, we decided to adopt our present system of a personalized quote, each manuscript being calculated as unique. We provide these quotations free of charge. We no longer quote a generalized price per page.

This means we need to see the complete manuscript so that we can calculate the price as honestly as possible, based on the complexity of the music and the length of the piece. After receiving your manuscript and a clear request of the nature of work that you would like, we will get a quote to you as quickly as possible: this quote will detail not only the financial cost, but also the time the work will take (this delay is valid as from placing a definitive order). In other words, you, as customer, know in advance the exact price and the amount of time we think is necessary to produce a quality result.

For estimates for music-setting, please send your manuscript by post to the following address :-)

Music Engraving BAYARD-NIZET
c/o Mme Nicole NIZET
rue des Ecoles, 6

We are unable to accept manuscripts for setting by fax or by email :-(

To give you some idea of our prices, here are some sample pages of setting, with an indication of how much we would charge for setting these pages.

If you have any questions concerning music-engraving, you might like to contact us by email.