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To make an order of music fonts, please fill out carefully the order form below :
Don't forget to include :
• Your name, adress and email address (any fields marked * are must be filled out)
• The details of your order : click the name of the font, the type format, the media and your operating system.
• Fill out the sub-total, add the cost of post and packing (depending on where you live) noite the total due
• Your preferred method of payment from among the four listed below (sorry, we cannot accept credit card payment)



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 NAME *  

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VAT (if any)  



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 Operating System :

 Media :






 Fonts ordered :

 Virtuoso (40 EUR)

 Harmony (30 EUR)

 Charleston (40 EUR)

 Fingering (25 EUR)

 Grupetto (30 EUR)

 Ars Nova (30 EUR)

 Staccato (30 EUR)

 Flamenco (25 EUR)

 Vivace (25 EUR)

 Oratorio (25 EUR)

 Espressivo (40 EUR)

 Timpani (30 EUR)

 Basic Pack (100 EUR) = Virtuoso + Charleston + Grupetto + Staccato

 Full Pack (200 EUR) = All the 12 Music Fonts

 Grand total

Total Price *

 EUR  (all the fonts ordered)  

Shipping and Handling *

Grand Total *

  EUR (including shipping and handling)

 Method of payment

Bank money transfer (our account number will be sent by mail) 

Postal money order

Paypal (you'll receive an email contening a Paypal link)

Cheque (Belgium only)

BAYARD-NIZET Music Publishing
Rue des Ecoles, 6
4970 - STAVELOT (Belgium)
Tel & Fax ++32 (0) 86 24 37




Da Capo


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