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 A few samples of our music-engraving


The samples offered here are in Adobe pdf format. To visualize and print them you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader, which you can download, free of charge from the Adobe web-site. If you install the appropriate plug-in, these pages should be consultable directly within your web navigator.

You can download and print these samples. The quality of print will depend on the kind of printer that you use. For correct results, your printer should have a resolution of at least 600 dpi, and results are better on a laser printer. To avoid jagged edges on ties and curves, you should select the "Allow Printer Halftones" option in the print dialog of Adobe Reader.

Here are nine samples of music we have engraved (these are all chosen from our published catalog, and not from the work of private clients). The prices quoted need to be taken as approximations, calculated on what we would have charged to set this particular page. In all events, the price depends directly on the degree of difficulty in setting your music, as explained on Our pricing policy page.

The music fonts used in these samples are Virtuoso, Charleston, Espressivo, Staccato Gruppetto. For certain symbols we use Ars Nova. You can visualize these fonts on screen, and they are all available for purchase at a reasonable price.

 Chamber Music



Berthe di Vito-Delvaux
Trois mouvements for wind quintet
± 10 EUR
Michel Leclerc
États d'âmes for violin and guitar
±  14 EUR
Jean-Louis Cadée
Trio for two horns and bassoon
±  18 EUR

 Vocal Music


Georges Antoine
Deux mélodies for voice and piano
±  14 EUR
Louis Lavoye
Deux psaumes for mixed choir
±  16 EUR



Michel Leclerc
Improvisation et berceuse for five timpani
±  11 EUR
Alain Levecq
Pharès for percussion and piano
±  14 EUR



Alain Crepin
Honor and gallantry for wind band
±  25 EUR
Jacqueline Fontyn
Au fil des siècles for symphonic orchestra
±  30 EUR


The program we use is Finale® by MakeMusic
&emdash; the acknowledged world leader for professional computer music engraving.


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